Tips for Optimizing Your WordPress Site to Speed Up Extremely

Stop! Maybe you are guessing that I’m just telling you the common tips and share some caching plugins in this post. Umm! actually, not. I’ll cover some important facts and solving methods of those facts for the non-tech buddies like me.

As I’m writing this article for non-tech personnel so I have to depend on plugins to solve your problem. The main theme of my article is if you optimize your site then your site will automatically provide you super speed.

Let’s Know Why Your WordPress Site Becomes SLOW?

Your WordPress site becomes slow because of two reasons. One is Backend issues another is frontend issues.

The reason behind the Backend issues are given below-

  1. Poor hosting
  2. Overloaded server
  3. Complicated queries
  4. Poorly written themes/plugins

These are the main reasons. Maybe already aware of those facts. But many of us don’t know why and when the backend issues happen. It’s basically happened before and during the page generation on the server.

As our WordPress HomePage is not a static file. It’s mainly created by themes, plugins and database queries.  Backend performance issues are usually caused by above-mentioned points.

The question is how you will find that your site is performing slowly because of backend issues?

A long Time To First Byte (TTFB) indicates backend issues. TTFB mainly records the time from the initial request to when your server is done processing and starts sending data to the visitor. Various site speed checking tools will provide you the TTFB report. If you want to learn more about the TTFB facts then you can pay a visit to this article written by WP Rocket.

You can reduce the Backend Issues by having a well-managed hosting service and by eliminating unnecessary plugins form your website. And most of the backend issues can be solved by the renowned Caching Plugins.

Now it’s time to discuss the Frontend Issues. Frontend Issues mainly occurs when the page loads.

These issues are usually caused by:

  1. Large file sizes (images, CSS, JS)
  2. Many files
  3. Slow delivery

You can easily find out the issues and solve the issues by minifying your CSS, Compressing your Images and again removing the unimportant plugins.

Site Performance Checking Tools

You can check your website’s performance by various online free tools. Among them, WebPageTest & Pingdom are the best options. You can get specific information and guidance from those tools.

If you want to go for a more specific test based on Backend & Frontend Issues then here are some tools for you.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) by GoDaddy

For your backend issue checking purpose, you can go for P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) by GoDaddy. This plugin will help you to find out the culprit plugin or theme which hamper your loading time. Find out the plugin and deactivate the plugin and find an alternative solution for you.

Query Monitor By John Blackbourn

This plugin help you to monitor the number of queries running on a page, and how long each took to run. You can filter them by type, component (WP core, specific plugins) and sort by most time consuming.

Tips for Optimizing & Supercharging Your WordPress Site’s Speed

If you follow the below recommendation then you will assure a better user experience to your users.

#1. Choosing a solid framework/well-coded lightweight theme

In most cases, it found that your theme sometimes becomes defaulter in the site loading time issues. As there is huge competition in the theme world. Developers always try to make their products exceptional from others. They failed to maintain a solid framework. But it’s your duty to choose a lightweight theme for your site.  Basically, the default WordPress themes are very much lightweight themes. Among all of the themes, Twenty Fifteen By is the most lightweight theme.

2015-theme gtarafdar

WordPress plugin and theme directory always maintain strict guidelines & the WordPress community are huge. So you can easily trust the free version themes of The developer has to maintain a solid framework to publish their product here. In the case of purchasing a theme from ThemeForest you need to more careful. They also maintain strong guidelines. But as I previously stated because of high competition they always try to bring some extraordinary features on their themes. Maybe all the features are not important for you.

There is a huge reputation for creating lightweight themes by Genesis.

#2. Utilizing Caching

There is no doubt, caching the most important fact in the case of the site’s speeding matters. Caching save your files as a static file and serve it when the visitor comes to your site. It helps to increase the site loading time speed.

By using WordPress caching plugins, implementing browser caching, and server-side caching you can utilize the caching.

Caching Plugins

You have already aware of various caching plugins in WordPress. You will find so many blogs on that matter which caching plugin is best for you. Though here I put some popular caching plugins for you.

I’m not giving you the name of the best one. You can choose it easily based on your wallet’s weight. ?

Implementing Browser Caching

Implementation of browser caching is the smartest way to speed up your site. It also helps you to reduce the requests from the visitors to your server. By Leverage Browser Caching Plugin you can easily enable this feature for your site.

This plugin basically saves your site’s data on your visitors’ browser. And quickly deliver when it needs for your visitor directly from the browser.

Server-Side Caching

Besides WordPress Caching Plugins and Implementing Browser Caching you can avail server-side caching service. It’s mainly taken by high traffic sites. With the help of Varnish Caching, you can maintain server-side caching. Here is a great resource by what is varnish caching and who does it works.

#3. Implementation of Content Management Network(CDN)

How big or small site owners are you, it doesn’t matter. CDN always works as a life savior for you. It basically saves your site’s data to the visitor’s closest server. It reduces the downloading time of your content which helps you to reduce your bounce rate also. There are so many CDN providers are currently available in the market. If you want to kickstart your CDN service then Cloudflare CDN may be the best option for you. It comes with a free SSL service. Here are Cloudflare’s some noticeable features-

  • More than 115 data centers around the globe
  • Up to 10 Tbps
  • Load balancing
  • DDoS and other security protection
  • SSL certificates
  • WordPress CDN plugin for easy integration

Alternative to Cloudflare CDN-

#4. Optimizing WordPress Database

If you forget to optimize your WordPress site’s database then it gradually down your site’s speed. There are a few ways by which you can optimize your site’s database. Those are stated below-

Disable and Limit WordPress Post Revisions

WordPress unnecessarily adding revisions for your post in your database while you are writing a post. In case if you missed that fact it will add so many versions of your post there.

Revisions gtarafdar

To fix the problem you can apply two methods. You can disable the whole revision feature by the Disable Post Revision Plugin.

PS: It’ll disable all of your revision for your contents. So think for twice before doing that.

The second method is you can limit the Post Revisions by adding the following two line codes in your wp-config.php file. This code will replace the default 60seconds autosave interval to 5 minutes. Or you can set your desired time.

<code>define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 300); // seconds define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3);</code>

Deleting Old Revisions From Your Database

After disabling or limiting your revisions you have to clean your database. You can easily clean your old revision file by using  WP-Optimize free WordPress Plugin.

#5. Compress Your Images

Maybe you already aware of that matter. You need to compress your site’s images. Otherwise, it will slow down your site speed. There are so many image optimizing tools in the market. You can choose your best one.

But I personally prefer TinyPNG WordPress plugin, you can enjoy 500 free compressions per month in their free service. I hope it’s more than enough for anyone for a single site.

Alternative to TinyPNG:

#6. Activate Lazy Load Features for Your Site

Activating lazy load feature is very much popular in nowadays. It will load that much amount of content where is the visitor’s mouse pointer located. It’ll help you to reduce the loading time.

Activate Lazy Image Load

You can easily activate that feature by the free little plugin called BJ Lazy Load.

This plugin will replace all of your images with a placeholder image. When the visitor will arrive on the image section real image will be automatically loaded.

Activate Lazy Video Load

If you sharing video content on your site then you need to activate this feature. By Lazy Load for Videos plugin, you can activate this lazy video load feature on your site.

This plugin will preview the thumbnail image of your video rather than the actual video. It will be a must plugin if your site is full of video contents.

Activate Lazy Load Disqus

If you are managing your commenting facility by Disqus then you need to activate this Disqus Conditional Load plugin. Generally, Disqus creates 10+ HTTP requests which can drastically slow down your site. This plugin will reduce the requests without hampering your desired services from Disqus.

#7. Minify Your CSS and JavaScript

Minification of resources means removing unnecessary characters from your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS that are not required to load, such as:

  • White space characters
  • New line characters
  • Comments
  • Block delimiters

You can take help from the awesome plugin WP Super Minify. It’s a plug and play plugin.

Alternative to WP Super Minify:

Ending Thoughts

I hope you will be benefitted. You can share your opinion by commenting below. Actually, there too many ways to optimize your site performance along with supercharging your site’s speed. I just provide the mandatory tips for non-coders. Your opinion matters. So please share your thoughts with me.

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