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If you are belongs to WordPress Industry then you are welcome. Share your vacancy here. Job post arround the WordPress industry will get higher prioruty. WordPress Industry Job Board for all.

Please share your email in the description, So that I can contact you. If needed. I’ll remove it while approving your job post. Or you can ignore it.

Don’t Forget to Add these mandatory pieces of information to your job description.

Fulltime Job Post: Make sure the fulltime job post contains all the information given below. if you post a job in any popular job site or company site and want to share the link in here then post it with a brief description.

  • Company Name
  • Position
  • Expected Qualification
  • Responsibility
  • Salary range
  • Office Location & Contact info

Part-time/project-based job: Make sure the part-time/project-based job post contains all the information given below.

  • Type of job (hourly or project-based)
  • Company Name (if has)
  • Expected Qualification
  • Key Responsibility
  • Salary range/ Budget
  • Contact info

Note: Make sure to verify all of the details from both sides (employers and applicants). If anyone provides false information, I’m not responsible for that.

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