What Should I Say After Thank You

We all say “Thank You” when someone does a favor or help us. And we all say “You are welcome” in return of “Thanks”. But sometimes the three words “You are welcome” seems not sufficient enough. If you want to make your reply a significant one you have to give a reply in a different way. Through the article, you can find so many synonymous replies of “Thank You”.

You can say – “You are welcome” in 10 different ways in reply to Thank You

There are 10 common replies of Thank You. The uses of those words depend on the context where you will share those. The ordinary but different Welcome Notes are –

When Someone Say Thank YouYour Probable Answers
Don’t mention it
No worries
Not a problem
My pleasure
It was nothing
I’m happy to help
Not at all
Thank YouYou got it

These are the most common reply you can say any of these in return of thank you.

Why You Shouldn’t Say “You’re Welcome”

If you ask for my personal opinion, what should you say rather than saying the ordinary words? You are welcome, then my suggestion for you to avoid saying- “you are welcome.” It will end up the whole conversation in a twinkle of the eye. It’s an opportunity to show your courtesy to that person who offers gratitude to you. Say something remarkable. You can say that-

It’s my pleasure to help you 🙂

Sometimes many of us say- “You’re welcome—I was happy to do it. I know you’d do the same for me.” But after reading Adam Grant’s research article on Psychology Today I found a modest reply of the ‘Thank You”.

I know you’ll do the same for someone else.

In my opinion, it’s the best reply to Thank You. You can use you it on your way. But this reply is appropriate for formal conversation or to some extent you can use it in any casual conversation.

You have full freedom in a friendly conversation to show your gratitude in your way. Maybe you will like that- . I hope you got my point. You can easily manage the whole situation with your voice tonality saying the same words. And that helps you to create a friendly impression of you to that person.

What will be your answer when someone uses different words rather than thank you!

As for example, you solve a bigger problem for someone. He or she shows their gratitude by saying this- “Thank you for taking the trouble to …

What will be your reply?

You can reply by modestly asking a simple question. Check out the image below to get an idea. Clark & Miller create a visual representation of the scenario.

What Should I say after Thank you
Source: clarkandmiller

Another example is when you bring a gift for someone and in reply, they say “You shouldn’t have“. In that scenario, you can say “I am not worth anything“. But you have to be careful about the person mood.

If you want to crack a joke on the reply of that statement you can say- “Okay, so hand it back! ?”

As you can say Welcome in so many ways you can say thank you in too many ways. In every situation, the greetings can be changed according to the needs. I will cover that in my next article.

Wrap Up

The reply of the “Thank You” totally depends on which context you are continuing your conversation. The whole scenario can be changed based on your context of the discussion. I tried to cover up the most common aspects and scenarios. Now it’s your turn how you will thank me ?.

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