How to Stop Irritating Cookie Popups Permanently From A Site Without Accepting Cookies

Cookie consents or popups are so much annoying to me. I hope you are on the same page. Though it’s a very good feature. But it hampers the readability. Finally, I found a solution to get rid of the Cookie Popups. And I like to share with you how to stop cookie popups from your browser permanently!

What is Cookie And From When It Becomes Mandatory Consent to Provide?

According to Whatarecookies,

Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a specific user. The page itself can contain some script that is aware of the data in the cookie and so can carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

Are Cookies Safe?

Usually, cookies cannot transfer any malicious virus to your computer. But it tracks your browsing activity. Here is a short video about cookies by Norton. Hope you will get an idea about what a cookie can do!

YouTube video

What is Cookie Law and From When It Becomes Mandatory Consent to Provide?

The ePrivacy Directive – is basically known as Cookie law. It becomes a mandatory consent from 2002 in the EU. The Cookie Law requires that every user needs to be notified before storing any file in the user’s browser. If you want to learn more about cookie laws and its consent then you can visit here,

How to Stop Cookie Popups Permanently?

For many purposes, I have to visit so many sites. Every time when I entered the site this cookie consent distract me. Most of the sites are using a large scale of a banner to notify me. Some of them don’t provide us to decline the consent. A few of them are so mean they can’t allow me to read the content without accepting the consent. I googled so many times to find possible automated solutions for it but every time Google disappoints me. Then I came up with a simple trick, I just inspect the elements from the browser and delete the CSS Code of the Cookie popups to get rid of the cookie consent and read the article and left the site. But the problem is that while I have to reload the page the consent popup becomes alive again. Ahh. I need a permanent solution. Because I need to pay visits to those sites on a regular basis because of their quality content. Maybe you also faced the same problem.

Stopping Cookie Popups Step by Step Guideline

First of all, I like to clarify to you that I tried this method in Google Chrome Browser. It works properly. But don’t worry if you are a Firefox user then I’ll share an alternative solution for you.

Step 1

First of all activate Amino: Live CSS Editor in your Chrome Browser. If the link doesn’t work for you then, please go to your Chrome Extension Store. Search for Amino and activate it.

Navigate to => Chrome Menu => More Tools => Extensions => Top Left Extension Main Menu => Bottom Left => Open Chrome Web Store => Search Amino

Amino-Live-CSS-Editor - Gtarafdar
Amino Live CSS Editor – Gtarafdar

Amino will ask for your email address after the activation. Provide any of your email addresses. Or you can use any temp mail.

Step 2

Now visit your desired site. Wait for a while to get the cookie notice. When the Cookie Consent popups inspect the elements of your browser. If you are a windows user just press Control+Shift+C or you are using Mac then press Command+Shift+C. Then hover your mouse cursor to the cookie consent popup to get the CSS Codes. Or you can right-click of your mouse pointing the cookie consent and select inspect element from the dropdown option.

Inspect-Cookie-Popup-Element - Gtarafdar
Inspect Cookie Popup Element – Gtarafdar

Step 3

Now go to the style CSS bar. Find the Cookie Consent CSS. Then add simple CSS,

display: none! .

You will see the Cookie Popup will hide automatically. Sometimes this code may not work because of the hard-coded CSS of the site. Then you have to add this CSS Code,

display: none! important; .

Now copy the whole style CSS file with the class.

Adding-CSS-in-the-Style-CSS-Section - Gtarafdar
Adding CSS in the Style CSS Section – Gtarafdar

Step 4

Now open the Amino Extension. Select Domain from the top left section. Then click the right button of your mouse and paste the code there and save the code from the bottom left button. Huzzah! Enjoy browsing the site without the annoying cookie consent. You can check the image guideline from below,

Adding-CSS-Code-in-Animo - gtarafdar
Adding CSS Code in Animo – Gtarafdar

If you select the Domain then you can visit the whole site without any cookie consent until the removal of Amino Extension from your browser.  Or the code from the Amino Extension. One more thing need to mention, the Control + V or Command + V the shortcode will not work in the Amino Live CSS Editor Extension. All the time you have to paste the code by using a mouse right-click option.

An Alternative to Animo CSS live Editor Extention for Firefox Browser

If you are a Firefox browser user then you can try Live editor for CSS and LESS by You can try this tool. Though I didn’t use that tool. Hope you will be benefited. And don’t forget to inform me if you become successful by using the alternative solution for Firefox.

Live-CSS-Editor-for-Firefox - gtarafdar
Live CSS Editor for Firefox – Gtarafdar

I Don’t Care About Cookies

If you don’t care about cookies then there is a great tool for you. There is an extension which name is also “I Don’t Care About Cookies”. This tool will automatically accept the cookies of the site. And for that reason, you will not get the consent of the Cookie Popup. To get the tool the Google Chrome User visit here and the Firefox User visit here.

i-dont-care-about-cookies - gtarafdar
I don’t care about cookies – Gtarafdar

How to Disable Cookies?

If you want to disable all the cookies from your browser then here is a full tutorial by WikiHow. You will learn more about 7 different ways to disable cookies from your browsers. Visit here.

delete-cookies - gtarafdar

Who Is Responsible for Storing Cookies in Browsers

HTTP – the primary protocol used in web browsing to communicate with a web server – is an inherently stateless, sessionless computing experience.

That means that every page load, each request, is an independent event, unrelated to the events that come before or after it.

This is fine for seeing a few documents that somebody put in their server, but anything more complicated – such as logging in and getting user-specific content – requires some sort of persistence mechanism, something that will alert the server that the current request from you is related to the previous one, they are both from the same individual on the exact same computer.

The server creates one the first time you visit a website. It sends it to your browser, and your browser stores it. On subsequent page loads, the browser informs the host of the applicable cookies currently being stored. The server reads them and knows that this is the same browser as before.

So we can say that Servers stores are somewhat responsible for storing cookies to your browsers.

Disable third-party cookies in Firefox to stop some types of tracking by advertisers

Disabling third-party cookies in Firefox can stop some types of tracking by advertisers, but not all. If you are concerned about tracking, see also How do I turn on the Do Not Track feature?, Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for desktop and Trackers and scripts Firefox blocks in Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Disable third-party cookies

To block third-party trackers or all third-party cookies:

  • Click the menu button & select Preferences.
  • Select the Privacy & Security panel.
stop cookies - gtarafdar
Image Source: Firefox
  • Under Enhanced Tracking Protection, select the Custom radio button to choose what to block.
  • Select the Cookies checkbox. Cross-site and social media trackers are the default setting.
stop unwanted cookie popups - gtarafdar
Image Source: Firefox

To block all third-party cookies, select All third-party cookies (may cause websites to break) from the drop-down.

  • Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved.

To Block specific site’s from storing cookies and site data in Firefox read this article prepared by Team Firefox.

What Should You Do If You Have Mistakenly Approve a Cookie Consent!

Nowadays, some sites are not allowing you to visit their site without accepting the cookie consent. Sometimes you the Amino CSS Edition cannot help you like the “display- none” CSS doesn’t work there. If there is no better alternative to that site, then we are bound to accept the consent and allowing the cookie to track all things. But one thing still can do. After finishing your job on that site, just quit chrome if you are browsing with a Chrome browser. Oh ho ho, wait, before quitting Chrome, navigate here and on this life-saving feature.

Navigate to => Chrome Setting => Privacy & Setting => Cookie & Other Site Data => Turn On Clear Cookies And Site Data When You Quit Chrome

erase all cookie while quitting chrome
Erase all cookie while quitting chrome

Did you use that before? I forgot to mention it before. Now you have the ultimate key to save your back from the irritating cookies.

Final Annotation

I hope you get the way to get rid of the annoying Cookie Popups  “This Website Uses Cookies” from your browser. I tried to cover up all the possible areas to help you. If you find I missed some important parts please let me know. One more thing I like to add you can now disable any sort of annoying elements from your loving site with the help of Amino Live CSS Editor. This tool definitely will become your life saviour. If you find this process helpful then thank me later. BTW the site owner uses the popups to get recurring visitors and leads. As I visit so many times but the site is full of popup lead generating click funnels. But my personal opinion is that if the site owner is able to provide quality content then the visitor will definitely come back again again.

10 replies on “How to Stop Irritating Cookie Popups Permanently From A Site Without Accepting Cookies”

Hi! The cookies are getting on my nerves too! I dont need that someone tracking me on any way, and with any cookies!!! I find one solution, but when time goo ahead, some sites start prevent this. My little solution is this: on developer tools (witch are in any browsers ) you find the div witch blocked te view of site. Then simple cut the div = delete it. It works on edge, but som developers of websites nowadays defeat this solution, by monitoring that the developer tools starts, and then site do something, for example reload the site, and cookie window is there again. I’d like that cookie windows not exist, that nobody want to track nobody. Otherwise your example : have better cookie window that lots of other sites. Have nice days! Sorry for my english.

When a page loads, and for a minute you see the page data and then the dreaded cookie popup comes up, just click on refresh and immediately click “stop”. The webpage will free before the javascript displays the stupid cookie popups and you’ll see the website without the b/s and without agreeing to any cookies.

Now someone needs to make a script to do this.

Thanks a lot, Ovo. It’s a nice hack. But that’s work for some websites. But now WordPress sites have a default image lazy loading feature. And also for page speeding purpose web developers preloads a few contents. If you need to scroll down the page then sometimes this trick falls apart.

Man I appreciate this but this looks like a LOT of work. Plus in 2021 I wonder if it’s already been circumvented.

Would you perhaps consider doing a Youtube video of this to make it easier for those of us who are less tech savvy?

Thanks for your time.

The cookies on the website locate users in various ways via IP address belonging to the user is often gathered, stored and shared. And merely the behaviours of users across the websites. The IP address can be accounted as the personal data by the EU’s GDPR.

Try with this good add-in “Adguard Adblocker” … at first cookie popup or cookie boring frame …
right-click on the page –> Adguard Adblocker –> Enable filtering –> Block Ads on this web site –> highlight the popup or the frame (by moving the slider for hidden deeper DOM levels) and click on Block.
Repeat till the page is cleaned by this boring requests. Reload the page and what u’ve cleaned never show again.
Tested on last updated Firefox & Chrome

Hi Stefano,
Thanks for sharing the valuable info. I will check it and update the content if possible.

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