How to Boost Up Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Every year in November we all remain in the rush. Especially, who are in the business sector because they have to deal with so many Holiday sales occasions. 11.11, Thanks Giving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday all are in this race. Consumers are waiting for these occasions to avail of their desired products at a discounted price. Marketers have to make plans to boost up their Holiday sales. Some workable plans you will find here.

How you can boost up your Holiday Sales!

It’s really tough for every marketer to keep in the upfront on the race in this competitive market. Everyone planned for excellent tricky ways to meet their desired sale. Here are 5 tested plans which can be applied anytime. They are-

  1. Run a giveaway campaign
  2. Influence your affiliates to take part in this sale
  3. Prepare an outstanding Newsletter for your campaign
  4. Countdown opt-in campaigns are also helpful
  5. Prepare a roundup blog post  for the holiday sale

Some examples of these campaign plans

So many companies are following these plans. They are happy with their return on investment. Here I’ll share some awesome examples of these plans.

Giveaway Campaign by Elegant Themes:

In 2018 Elegant themes run a giveaway campaign. They have planed for giving a physical gift to one of their lucky winners. They offer free sign up. To avail that offer they set a game plan. Request in many ways to escalate their offer. Because of the word of the mouth of the audiences they get huge reach of their offer. 

elegant-theme-giveaway-2018 gtarafdar

If you run this type of give away campaign you will get a huge attraction of the audiences. Side by side you’re brand visibility will increase as you will get so many organic social share and traffic. Moreover, you will get so many fresh leads which will help you in the upcoming days.

Influence your affiliates to join your Holiday Sale Campaign

Affiliation program is one of the best ways to achieve sustainable growth. If you have an affiliation program for your business then you are one step ahead from other competitors who don’t follow that strategy. To boost up your Black Friday Sale you just have to influence your affiliates to join your sale campaign.

Now one question arises that how you can influence them to join your campaign?

You can influence them in so many ways. You can give increase their incentive amounts. Or you can just invite them with your worm hand showing them opportunities what is waiting for them. I’ll discuss it on a large scale on how you can influence your affiliates on my other blog.

Look at the Envato Market‘s email copy how they welcome their affiliates to join their email campaign. It’s amazing. You can try these types of emails to influence your affiliates.

envato-market-affiliate-influencing-email-copy-2018 Gtarafdar

Newsletters always work an awesome solution to reach the targeted audiences

Through an outstanding eye-catchy email you can attract your customers to the store. Emails deliver your voice at the hand of your customers.  Your creativity will work as your supreme asset to grab the attention of your customers. Keep in mind that you’re not only sending emails to your customers. Try something outstanding plan to kick off your competitors.

You can check this email of NastyGal. They go with the black theme for the Black Friday sale. It’s amazing.

NastyGal-black-friday-newsletter gtarafdar

Put a countdown timer along with your Opt-in Coupon

The countdown timer always triggers the mind of the audiences. It influences the customer to buy their desired product as early as possible. You can easily run opt-in campaigns on your site by several plugins if you made your site with WordPress.

Elementor ran a countdown timer for their Black Friday Sale. You can try something like this.

Elementor-Blackfriday-Countdown-offer-2018 Gtarafdar

Prepare a roundup blog for your Black Friday campaign

The roundup blog helps you in a slightly different way. If you add other companies offer in a list based on your customer need customers to get super shop types feelings. As they get all their desired products in a super shop. You can run a cross-promotion campaign. Request your listed companies of your blog to share these offers to their different channels.

You can check this roundup blog of weDevs. They prepare a huge Black Friday Sale list of Hosting Companies, Plugin Sellers, Theme Authors.


Above mentioned plans can be applied anytime. These are all just ideas. Now it’s your call how you’ll apply these plans to boost up your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale!

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Bro, you are nailing yet! Feels good to see you on fire. Keep writing more and more! Anyways these tips are really effective! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Sayem Ibn Kashem

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