Best Wp Weekly NewsLetter Providers For Free

WordPress is full of plenty of resources. Unfortunately, you can’t cover them at a glance. But some free NewsLetter services are dedicated to WordPress News & updates. In this article, I have enlisted the best Wp Weekly NewsLetter Providers, which are free.

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These newsletter providers are so active in the WordPress Community. Each and every piece of news related to WordPress will be at your doorstep. Here is the list,

? MasterWP Weekly NewsLetter

One of the best popular newsletter service providers in the WordPress ecosystem. They are serving the WP Community since 2016. I personally read all of their emails. They are so much talented.

? The WP Weekly

They are currently being famous for giving way popular WordPress Products along with curated WordPress News And Updates at the mail doorstep.

? The Repository for WP Newsletters

They are also famous for weekly roundup WordPress news and updates.

? The WP Minute

A new audio experience for WordPress news @mattmedeiros

? wpMail me for WordPress Newsletters

A free WordPress Newsletter, once a week, with a round-up of WordPress news and articles.

? WP Owls Wp Weekly NewsLetter Provider For Free

Popular for curating WordPress Blogs and news.

? Remkus’ Ramblings on WordPress

WordPress influencer, sharing news, and updates of WordPress

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If you want to follow them on social media, here I’ve prepared a Twitter list of the Best Wp Weekly NewsLetter Providers For Free.


There might be so many other NewsLetter service providers in the community, but in my opinion, the above-mentioned newsletter service providers are the best ones. You can read them to keep yourself up to date with the recent happenings within the WordPress ecosystem.

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