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Best Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Reading Time: 13 minutes While I was preparing the post according to the Internetlivestats stat this year the number of emails was sent: 80,499,450,035,551. Among all of these emails, how can you make yourself stand out? In my personal experience, it’s the subject line… Continue Reading →

What Should I Say After Thank You

Reading Time: 3 minutes We all say “Thank You” when someone does a favor or help us. And we all say “You are welcome” in return of “Thanks”. But sometimes the three words “You are welcome” seems not sufficient enough. If you want to… Continue Reading →

What Are The Best E-Commerce Platforms? (How to Choose The Right One?)

Reading Time: 3 minutes The search volume of the keyword “The Best E-Commerce Platforms”, proves that peoples are craving for learning about the top e-commerce platforms. The web is also flooded with so many referral contents. One of my friends also asked the same… Continue Reading →

How to Stop Irritating Cookie Popups Permanently From A Site Without Accepting Cookies

Reading Time: 10 minutes Cookie consents or popups are so much annoying to me. I hope you are on the same page. Though it’s a very good feature. But it hampers the readability. Finally, I found a solution to get rid of the Cookie… Continue Reading →

How to Boost Up Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

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Reading Time: 5 minutes #Gtarafdar How to Boost Up Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Every year in November we all remain in the rush. Especially, who are in the business sector because they have to deal with so many Holiday sales occasions…. Continue Reading →

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