Try to be Happy

Everyone knows about the short span of life. So try to do something which makes you happy without hurting anyone. In my way of life, I always follow this rule and from now I'll share my way of happiness with you through this channel.

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Stand up Comedian

I'm supposed to be a comedian. It feels happy when someone laughs at my jokes.

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I always try to capture the beautiful moment of life. These images bring the smile when I feel so bad.

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Education Level

I've completed my MBA Program major in Marketing at the Jagannath University of Bangladesh.

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Business Development Executive

Now I'm working as a business developer in weDevs (A WordPress Plugin Developer Organization)

Clicks of mine

As previously I mentioned that I click to earn happiness. Here is some of my click. These Images are captured at different times and different moment. Every image has its own story. Take time, watch carefully and you will able to find the story by yourself.

Vlog of mine

Personally, I maintain a YouTube Channel of my own. There I shared some of my works. In near future, I will try to publish some quality content in my channel. Hopefully, you will be benefited.

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Gobinda Tarafdar

Gobinda Tarafdar

I'm a WordPress enthusiast person. My team members recommend me as a problem solver. Exploring several tools is my passion. Like to use Social Media Marketing AI tools. Currently, serving as a Business Development Executive at weDevs. Connect with me socially; @Gtarafdarr

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